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Quiz Question Names

When I created a quiz and gave the questions names, I can see those names in "edit" mode. 


But when I look at a preview often question, or look at it in student mode, the name of the question is generically "Question."

293138_Untitled 2.jpeg

Any ideas why/how to fix. I found one thread that addressed a similar issue, but the solution was a fix that supposedly went into effect in 2016.  

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I also found some kind of strange thing in New Quizzes - when I created multiple choice but only two answers "Yes/No" - the system added 3rd and 4th answer alternatives without anything, so I had to change it to "True/faulse" choice question, although it should be answered as "Yes/No".

Hmmm...that's interesting.  I also was able to replicate this in my own sandbox course.

Now my question is if the New Quizzes supports to import Quiz bank from the legacy version.  I could not find it in the Community Q&A...  Should I post this question separately?? might want to do that.  But first I would recommend that you search the Community for similar questions using keywords.  You never might find that someone has asked a similar question already and has received a response.  How do I search and filter content in the Canvas Community?

I hope this will help, Mari.