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Quiz Question: Ordering

Is there a way to have an "ordering" quiz question be graded by line? Example, if I have 7 items to placed in a specific order of 1-7, but do NOT want it to be all or nothing? If the student mixes up the order of two, (flips lines 3 & 4) the quiz on counts two incorrect and NOT all seven.


Thank you.

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Community Coach

Hello there, @kotik_mar ...

The only option for an "Ordering" question is available in New Quizzes.  I'm not sure if you are already using New Quizzes, or if your school is choosing to hold back on using New Quizzes for the time being.  (This would be a question you'd need to ask your school's local Canvas administrator or someone from your school's Online Learning/eLearning department.)  Here's a Guide for you to look at: How do I create an Ordering question in New Quizze... - Canvas Community.  Hope this helps!


@kotik_mar Hello! I think your question pertained to the grading of the ordering question? Unfortunately, in New Quizzes the all or nothing grading is the only option on matching, multiple answer and ordering, and perhaps others that I'm not recalling right now. It's one of my main complaints about New Quizzes (I am otherwise I pretty big fan overall). People have been asking for Canvas to remedy this for a long time, and hopefully it will get addressed, as partial credit was always an option on matching questions (for example) in classic quizzes. You can vote up the idea here and here.