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Quiz images not displaying

I created a quiz for the students.  About 2/3 of the class can take the quiz with no issues.  The rest of the class is not getting the images displayed, only a blurry padlock.  The settings on all the computers are the same, and the quiz is set up correctly I assume since most of the class has no issues.  What is the problem?  I am using this one for a review for tomorrow's test which I also set up in the LMS so I'm kind of nervous that it won't work either.

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We are experiencing the same issue. Last month, they all worked fine. Now, students aren't able to see some images that are in the questions banks. As admin, I can see them. As test student, I can see them. As a regular student, I cannot see them. TechSupport said it was a Respondus Lockdown Browser issue. However, I removed Respondus 4.0 from the quiz, and it still did not load the images. Students aren't able to complete tests, and we are having to rebuild tests/quizzes while a student sits and waits and cannot move forward in his/her course work. I, too, resent this time-intensive task. 

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This seems to be still a problem as of November 2019. Although I did not want the missing figures to show in Files of my students, I published all folders and subfolders containing quiz figures and students can still not see the images - while "student view" shows them. My guess is that these problems happen when using course content that was copied into a course from a previous course where all was working??? Very annoying as there is nothing I can do to prevent this to happen BEFORE a quiz is due...

In my case, the quizzes had been transferred from another LMS (Blackboard) a year before, with no problems for the students. The images started disappearing from students’ view only the following year. So it was triggered by something that happened between fall 2017 and fall 2018. Perhaps the trigger (whatever it was) interacted destructively with something inherent in the transfer.

I’ve started rewriting all questions containing images written or updated before that second year. It’s a big time expense, and sometimes I simply have to rely on early-bird quiz-takers to call attention to missing images when there is not enough time to update all questions.


Has anyone had experience with this happening and it's just related to the browser?  Students using Safari cannot see images in the quiz.  In Chrome everything is fine.  I see similar issues when viewing a global announcement on the dashboard - the image doesn't appear just the blue questions mark box.

I never use Safari so maybe there is a setting I'm missing but that would seem really weird to have a setting on the default that would cause this problem. I think today is the second time I've opened Safari on my MacBook this year!

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I am running an exam/quiz now and there are multiple reports of students not being able to see images. I have a ticket in to our IT support but it appears, at first analysis, to be an issue with some versions of Safari (depending on the particular version in Catalina). I cannot believe this thread dates back 4 years and is still an issue. I wish I had known about this as I would not have had any questions with images.

Yes, my students have been having this exact problem with quiz images in Spring 2020, as well. It's absolutely infuriating - both that it would happen at all, and that it is STILL happening after 4 years! Come on, Canvas... other webpages can load image files with no problem, so why can't Canvas do this reliably?

Making it even more frustrating is that I cannot reproduce the problem on my end, and it is not related to the size of the image file, the permissions on the file, whether I imported the quiz, etc., etc. It seems to strike particular students more often than others, but even so, it's somewhat intermittent. (It has happened to 1/28 students in my Las Positas class and 3/45 students in my SJSU class). So it's just Russian roulette. 

An hour and a half ago, I got a frantic email from a student who could not see the images ON THE FINAL EXAM (which of course we had to do online due to COVID). So I just had to spend an hour plus of my extremely limited time creating her a custom document with all the images. And now I will have to go in and manually enter the score for each question on her exam. The amount of stress and wasted time that this problem has caused over the past four years is unbelievable. FIX IT, CANVAS!!!

Hello akerr ,  @may027  ,  @michellemeazell  ,  @twassmer  ,

In my experience, it isn't limited to Safari. Rather, it is a continuing issue since 2016-2017. Below are just some of the links to other conversations about this issue:

The fact that this is still an issue is jaw-dropping. I had a faculty member in my office today concerned with posting quizzes containing images (organic chemistry) because he has witnessed his students encounter the problem this fall. Sad to see no specific work-around for the student at-the-moment or a general resolution.

With regard to Safari issues, I believe there is a privacy setting that may need to be unchecked in Safari privacy options.  I’ve attached a screenshot.

Safari Privacy Settings We usually recommend that students use either Chrome or Firefox.  It can be challenging to pinpoint what is actually causing the issue, - whether it is user error, - attaching a URL of the image rather than uploading the image to the Canvas course and then embedding it using the new RCE, or other possible issues ...

Hope this helps.


No... all of my quiz images are small, <200 KB files uploaded directly to my own Canvas course site, so "attaching a URL of the image rather than uploading the image to the Canvas course" is definitely not what's going on here. (Some other quiz-writers might be doing this, but that's not what's going on with me.) I've used Canvas for about nine semesters continuously and my students have never had a problem seeing quiz images until a few weeks ago, so I think you guys must have changed something on your end. 😞