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Surveyor II

Quiz log issues with problem view

When I click on a question number in Canvas quiz activity log I am presented with a page showing the question and the student's response (this is multiple choice). It also shows the problem/answers, including graphics. Nice! There is also a list of other questions below the specific question information. When I click on one of those questions, I get a blank page. If I click on the browser back button I get a blank page. If I click on the "Log" in the path menu at the top of the blank page I can get back to the log.

So why is Canvas serving up a blank page in this tool? It would certainly be handy to navigate using the list of questions.

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Hello,  @may027  , and Welcome to the Community.  The first thing I would recommend is to clear the cache on your browser, especially if you're using Google.  This sometimes can hinder how Canvas is displayed.

I know the simple browser "fixes" and these are not effective in this regard. Just reloading the page gives a "page not found error" which probably points to the issue. I assume by "Google" you mean Chrome. I am using Safari (not a Chrome fan).

Thanks. Yes I am participating in the discussion about "uploaded images" and have read the post about permissions. Neither of these are related to this issue, which has nothing to do with any images I have uploaded.