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Surveyor II

Quiz preview display problem . . . ?

After I make a quiz, I always like to take it to make sure I didn't make a mistake making the quiz, and to see how it will look to the student.  I know I can use Student View, but I have to publish the quiz in order to get that to work, which I don't always want to do right away (I know I can unpublish it quickly, but I have actually had eagle-eyed students hop on and take a quiz I was just checking out like this before I had a chance to unpublish it!).

ANYWAY - so I use Preview to take the quiz, and everything seems fine.  When I "submit" the previewed quiz and go back to check the answers, it shows a weird behavior as I am trying to look it over.  The quiz "jumps" and "resets" on the screen (I can't think of better words to describe the behavior), and won't let me scroll down past the first few questions to check out the answers.

I want it to stop doing this!

I suppose I could send someone a screencast demonstrating what is going on, if that's helpful . . .

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