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Quiz reset after export... grades lost

Hello all - I (instructor) exported a quiz from a course I'm currently teaching and then re-uploaded the quiz to the same course so I could add the questions to a test bank I am building. Unfortunately, it now appears that the quiz I exported was "reset" and now all of the scores recorded in the grade book from the first time the students took the quiz are gone (all the normal submissions are now missing scores, but for some reason the grades for late submissions survived...). What did I do wrong and how can I fix this?

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I don't know exactly what went wrong, that kept late submissions and deleted originals.  (Unless the late attempts were after the import.  Import/export does not bring grades with it).  My best guess is that importing the quiz back into the same course, with the same quiz name, overwrote the original, which disassociated the quiz from the results... In the future you can avoid this with a subtle change to the title of the original (add punctuation or unnecessary spaces).  The quiz you exported will have the first name, then the slight change to the title of the original will prevent it from being overwritten.  (Or use a sandbox/workroom with no students to import the quiz into a bank, and then import the bank only.)

For this quiz, you can go to gradebook history, scroll back to the changes, copy the scores, and enter them manually.  In grades, select gradebook in the upper left corner, and then gradebook history from the dropdown menu.  You should see a table of every change that has been made, with the score from before, after, and current.  In new quizzes, manually entering a grade seems to break the connection to the automatic grades.  If future attempts are allowed, you might want wait for those to be complete before entering a manual score where necessary.

Also, if this is a new quiz, check the moderate tab, to see if the records still exist there.  If the quiz logs are still on the moderate tab, you can probably transfer them automatically (without breaking the connection for future attempts) either in speedgrader or through the link "attempt 1/1" in the moderate tab.  (First hide scores on the assignment.  Then add one fudge point to every score and click update.  Go back and check the gradebook; this is an an oddly essential step. Then go back and remove the fudge point.  Finally post the restored grades.)