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Quiz retakes not affecting outcome mastery

I've tried to use the "decaying average" for my outcome mastery scores as well as the "most recent" score, but neither one is letting my students retake old quizzes and have them update the mastery score.

Here's how it went for one student:

- Mastered a skill early in the unit, checked off as mastered.

- Missed the corresponding question on the Unit Test, so it no longer counts as mastered (what I expected from both types of mastery calculations)

- Reviewed the lesson and did a retake of the original a perfect score on that quiz which should have brought the mastery back up.  Whether it was "most recent" or "decaying average," both should have brought him back to the score he needed.

It looks like since it matches the score he had on the original quiz, the learning mastery gradebook isn't recognizing it as a new score to figure in to the calculation.

Can I fix this without making a whole new set of quizzes??

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