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Surveyor II

Quizzes & Image incorporation?

Is there a way to incorporate images as part of a quiz question? For example, I would like grade 1 students to match animal mouths to their functions. If not, is there a way to suggest this function? It would be so much MORE engaging for young elementary students to have pictures available rather than just black/white text. Smiley Happy  Thanks for any help!

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Community Coach
Community Coach,

Yes, this is definitely something that you can do.  The following instructions will walk you through adding an image to a quiz question: 


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Community Team
Community Team here's a slightly belated  Welcome to the Canvas Community! Old Quizzes provides a workaround for this. By using the multiple dropdown question type, it's possible to create a matching quiz with images. Please refer to Matching quizzes with images for instructions.

New Quizzes doesn't have this functionality, nor is there yet a workaround, so the feature idea is where you'd want to add your support and feedback.

New Quizzes does afford a hot spot question type (How do I create a Hot Spot question in Quizzes.Next? ) but at the moment each question only allows for a single hot spot; asks for this functionality to be expanded to incorporate multiple hot spots.

So for now, I am hopeful that the multiple dropdown workaround in Old Quizzes will work for you.


Is there a way to match images to images? So both images in the left column AND right column? 


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Unfortunately, no,‌; the "matching choices" in the dropdown will be text-only.