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Quizzes - Multiple Choice questions

I have a quiz open to students, and it pulls questions from a question bank.  One of the multiple choice questions is marking students incorrect for the correct answer, although in the question bank the correct answer is chosen.  However, in the quiz, the answers are in a different order, but it still marks 'C' as correct, although the answers are shuffled.

This has happened to me multiple times.  Any suggestions?

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hello there, @StaceyBae ...

Instead of looking at the question bank to see if the correct answer is marked correctly, I think you'll want to edit the quiz and then go into the specific quiz question within the quiz.  Take a look at it to see if the correct answer is marked...and if not, you'll need to make the proper change to ensure that it is.

Does this help?


Thanks for the quick response!
Actually, the quiz is set to pick questions from a question bank... So, I go to that bank and find the question - but it is correct!  I had the quiz set to 'shuffle answers', and the possible answers were in a different order, but Canvas still makes 'C' correct... (the third answer, even when they are shuffled and the correct answer is A, B or D...)
Stacey Bae

I believe Classic Quizzes - I don't see the New Quizzes appearing in my Canvas...

@StaceyBae ...

Thanks for the clarification.  My next question is...when you say Question Banks, are you referring to the quiz Question Banks feature of Canvas that is described/illustrated in this Guide?  How do I create a question bank in a course? - Canvas Community  Or, do you mean that within the quiz you've got a question group set up with a set of questions...and the quiz displays a specific number of questions from that group you've defined to display to students?  How do I create a quiz with a question group to ra... - Canvas Community

If I am still not understanding the question, it might be best if you could attach an image or two of your quiz (making sure that you are not revealing any student data such as names or grades).

Looking forward to hearing back from you soon!


Thank you for your time and replies! I think I may have figured out what happened... if it happens again I will post another question with pictures. Thank you again!

Good morning, @StaceyBae ...

Great that you may have figured it out.  So, what did you discover?