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RCE Edit Window Size Limit

When i click to edit a page, the RCE edit window is initially very small, but there is a drag button for expanding it.  I do that but at some point about 4 inches in length regardless of whether my screen is maximized, it switches from expanding the window to scrolling through the page I am editing- which is considerably longer than the edit window.  That seems like just an annoying limitation to deal with but then this feels buggy:

Upon switching to HTML- the eidt window resizes...but not to fit the length of the resizes to the length of the normal view of the page. 

So to get the RCE edit window to automatically fit the normal view of the page to be should immediately switch to HTML and back to normal view.

A further negative effect of this is that in HTML view- HTML being shorter than the normal view which has large pictures- I have to scroll past a large white space to get from the HTML text I am editing in order to switch to normal view or to save.

NOTE:  I am designing the template for my school and I created a 7-min video logging several issues I was seeing that seemed to hamper me to some extent.  Understandably, I dont see a way to send that as a file to the dev team...guess that would be tough for them to handle.  Let me try to ask the questions here (after searching for like concerns). 

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I, too, would like to see the RCE window be bigger upon opening. Having to always resize it every single time is a serious drag.


I've noticed the "full screen" option in the RCE editor now--super awesome! But, then I lose the "save" button on the bottom right corner of the page. I don't see it anywhere else on the page, and I couldn't figure out how to save the content without a save button. Had to close the page and re-do all my edits. Where does the save button go?

EDIT: @williare2  Just shared that the ESC button closes fullscreen mode so then we can click save. Yay! Thanks!