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Random Canvas Gradebook Issue

Each term I have teachers reporting the same common issue happening in their Canvas Gradebook.

We use course templates already built with course content, assignment categories, and gradebook.

The Assignments have a point value already assigned and only needs to have due dates assigned prior to the start of the course.

The issue is during the term, in the gradebook, an assignment heading will display score out of 0, instead as designed to be out of 100. The students score will them become amplified.

The working solution I have been using is having the teacher edit the assignment and save. When this is done and returning to gradebook everything is working correctly and score displays as out of 100.

Is there a working knowledge of why this is happening, and a solution?

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Hi @ngilbert2 


I have not seen this happen since we started using Canvas in 2012, so I suspect it is a bug and can only suggest you open a Support ticket.


Great point, we have been using Canvas as our LMS for a long time.