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Surveyor II

Randomly pull only select questions from item bank?

From what I see, you can only pull all the questions and not specific questions. I thought filtering by metadata would allow this. 
The reason I am trying to do this instead of separate banks is simply organization. It’s much easier to have a bank for each assignment and add metadata for which question they should be for (i.e, tag 4 of them as #2, and add that filtered item bank for the second question). 
I have ~70 assignments and each has probably 6-8 groups/banks, so that’s ~500 banks if they have to be separated by question instead of separated by assignment.

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Surveyor II

Totally agree. This is very challenging to organize. At a minimum, why can't we filter at the item bank level? I have separate item banks for each potential question (because the feature you've requested here isn't available). I named them carefully by unit so I can find them easily. I should be able to search for banks from unit 1.6 to simplify the process of adding them to a quiz. Please make this more user friendly!