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Re: How do I align an outcome to an assessment question in New Quizzes?

Apparently, once a New Quiz question is "banked" into an Item Bank, outcomes can no longer be aligned to this specific quiz question. Based on a "work around" for this, I was told to create a temporary quiz, bring the desired question over to the temporary quiz, delete the question from the Item Bank (severing its link), change the outcome alignment of the question in the temporary quiz, re-bank the question to the original Item Bank, then delete the temporary quiz.

That's a lot of work for something that should be much easier to accomplish. In fact, the ability to align an outcome from a quiz question in an Item Bank already exists (I can click on it), but does not function properly and does not display my outcomes list.

Is there a better way to realign outcomes to questions once they are in an Item Bank?

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I think the work-around you already have is the best you will find for now, but you can always suggest a new feature in an idea conversation

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