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Re: How do I assign an assignment to an individual student?

If I cross-linked courses together and assign an assignment to a particular section - will the grading piece still work with our SIS?  For example, I cross-linked my SIS generated math course into my SIS generated Homeroom course.  If I assign something to the "Math" section - will the scores still get transferred properly into the SIS under math? 

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Cross-listing should not break the connection to your SIS, but be careful about cross-listing courses that do not have identical content.  Assuming you want to cross-list, because your homeroom IS your math class, and there is no homeroom specific content that needs to be displayed separately from the Math class, you could cross-list your homeroom with your math class.  Or, if you have all the same students for homeroom and math, and you do not need the automatic homeroom "course," you could simply leave the homeroom course unpublished and interact with the class through your math course.

I find cross-listing more helpful when I am teaching the same content to two groups of students.  It allows you to add the content once to be displayed for all students, and you can still choose due different due dates if needed by section. 

Assigning by section, and assigning to individual students, work the same way.  Below the box with the due dates in any assignment , there is a link to add dates.  Click that and use the assign to box to enter the student(s) or section(s) with that due date.  The original will change to "everyone else" instead of "everyone." 

If "everyone else" should not be assigned at all, you can just work with the assign to box of the original due date.  You will get a warning that some students have not been assigned the activity, but that is the goal.  Students who have not been assigned will not see it at all


I guess what I'm trying to do is find a way for my elementary teachers to work from one Course rather than multiple courses.   They want to put all subjects into one place - their "home base".  My thinking was that the only way to do that and still be able to sync the grading to PowerSchool was by crosslinking the other subjects into that one Course.  Does that make sense?  Is there a better way to do this?  Thank you for your help!


I believe there are more options in the K-12 canvas that might help you, but I am not familiar with those options or powerschool. 

I'm not sure that cross-listing will give you the outcome you are looking for.  Even if it works, it will be a common mistake for teachers to assign an activity to the default of "everyone" instead of the subject specific sections.  The result could be grades that import into every subject of powerschool. 

You might have the teachers create assignment groups for each subject, and see if powerschool can sync with the individual sub-totals automatically created for each assignment group.

This group may have more specific advice for you if you pose this question there:


I believe it depends on how your SIS is set up to work with Canvas, but if I understand you correctly, I believe it should work.  We have our separate periods crosslisted, and I've been able to assign things to separate sections (aka periods) and it has dropped in to our gradebook just fine.