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Re: How do I view reports for an assessment in New Quizzes?

How are we to interpret Cronbach's Alpha if the quizzes select items at random from an item bank?

Does the reliability coefficient refer to parallel forms?

In addition, should we be using the typical rule-of-thumb for reliability coefficient interpretation? i.e., alphas below .7 are usually considered less reliable and thus undesirable.

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi @rodrigej 

Here is the Guide for reports in New Quizzes, How do I view reports for an assessment in New Quizzes?

As for your more technical assessment question, perhaps somebody else in the community will know how random items from an item bank are grabbed in Canvas.


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Thanks for the reply. I've looked over the link but my question has still not been any case, here's the assumption that I'm making when interpreting the coefficient alpha:

Unless the test bank is highly homogeneous, alphas will tend to be low because the construct being measured is most likely multidimensional.

When creating tests that use multiple test banks, one can also expect a low alpha because of the heterogeneity of the items.

So, I think the alpha is only useful if the tests and test banks are homogeneous.

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