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Re-import of exported Gradebook file does not work: Formats incompatible

A possible bug/limitation:

If I export the Gradebook, it appears I cannot change a value in it and then simply re-import. I get CSV error feedback. This is for University of Michigan.

I have to delete some columns as a workaround. I deleted the Infrastructure column and Read-only columns.

It would be nice if exporting a Gradebook, making some edits to scores, and then re-importing works. The headings have IDs for columns. So, it seems that would be a good workflow to support.

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I apologize that your question/observation has been sitting out here for a while without garnering a response. It should indeed be possible to export the Canvas Gradebook as a .csv, change the values, and re-import the .csv to populate the gradebook with the changes made externally—without generating an error.

The full documentation of the process is in

How do I import grades in the Gradebook? 

How do I export grades in the Gradebook? 

Have you since been able to resolve this issue on your own?

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I haven't checked recently and I am not currently teaching. So, I suppose

you can close the issue and see if it pops up again. Hopefully the issue

has been fixed.

I did try with F19 EECS 484 gradebook just now, going through all the steps

but hit Cancel at the last step.

It appears that it will allow an upload with the current gradebook, though

it reports that some scores are going to change (to the same value) even

though I did not make a change.

So, it appears that the issue I had no longer reproduces and it may be best

to close the issue.

-- Atul

On Thu, Jun 18, 2020 at 1:24 PM stefaniesanders <>


The grades changing even though they are the same is likely due to the way grades are stored and the way grades are exported. Internally, grades may have more than 2 decimal places in them, but when they are exported, they only get exported with 2 decimal places. Then when you try to import it back, the 2 decimal places doesn't match the internal score and it says the score is changing. Technically it is, by a little bit.