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Recording SCORM quiz attempts


We've created several SCORM assignments using Storyline 360 and are wondering what Canvas considers an "attempt" from a SCORM perspective. What we've noticed is that Canvas will record the grade and status for the first attempt, but subsequent attempts are not recorded unless the user closes the SCORM assignment. For example if the following happens, only the first attempt and the passing attempt are recorded:

  1. Student fails quiz.
  2. Student exits course
  3. Student opens course, retries quiz and fails again with a higher score.
  4. Student does NOT close course, immediately retries the quiz and passes.

In this case, the gradebook only reflects the first failing score and the subsequent passing score - the middle failed attempt is lost.

The only way we've found that the gradebook logs every failed attempt is if the user closes the SCORM lesson after every quiz attempt. Otherwise, Canvas seems to ignore quiz attempts while the user has the SCORM course open.

Any thoughts on this (or clarifications I can offer)? I also have a question out to Articulate on what SCORM variables are submitted when, so covering both sides of this coin.


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