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Recurring/Resubmitting Google Assignment

I have a Google Slides virtual journal that I plan to have students write in periodically.  The same "journal" should last the whole year with students contributing to it occasionally.  I know how to add a Google assignment that makes a copy for each student.  What I do not know how to do is make it so I can assign the same Google Slide (or Google Doc) repeatedly where students are continuing to add onto and work on their individual copy and can turn it in periodically and receive a new grade for the new part that was completed while keeping all of their old work.   

It seems like students would get a fresh copy which would not include their old work each time I make a new assignment with the Google Slide.  If I just keep reassigning the same assignment and allow students to resubmit it I think it would fix this problem but I don't know.  The problem with this second method is that the directions and point values aren't necessarily going to be the same for each entry.   I also am concerned that their previous grade will be replaced instead of it being a new grade if I just reuse the same assignment and have them resubmit it each time.  

Any thought or suggestions about how to accomplish what I want?

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