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Redirect Tool for Home Page


This has me stumped.

A teacher has a WordPress site. I used the redirect tool and placed a left navigation item. The teacher likes the look but wants this to be the Home Page.

I created a page, embedded the WordPress site, and chose that page to be the Home Page. The teacher doesn't like it. The embed is showing up different than the Redirect tool.

I've been playing with different iframe options to try to mirror the redirect tool look but maybe someone can help me out. Has anyone attempted this and had it work?

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Community Coach
Community Coach

I don't have any suggestions but wanted to point out that the sidebar on the right side of the home page is likely why it's not going to appear the same.  When you use the Redirect it only has the left sidebar navigation, but as a home page there is left and right side additions.  I there is also likely a section at the top as well.  This even happens if you set Modules or Syllabus as your home page.  How it looks when you click Home differs from how it looks when you click Modules, or Syllabus. 



Thank you. Canvas reps at InstructureCon said a redirect of a home page isn’t possible. It’s the right sidebar taking up space that she didn’t like.