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Regraded a Question in New Quiz and it didn't keep the original point value

I used the regrade option in the new quizzes for a question.  I followed the instructions on how to regrade, the question was out of 1 point and it stayed out of 1 point.  After hitting regrade, I checked the question and it made the question out of 0 and I can't get it to regrade out of 1 points.  Now all the points are funky and off because the original point value for the quiz was 17 and now it thinks its out of 16.  Students are getting scores of 12.94, or 11.72 etc.  Please help me fix asap.

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Navigator II

When you selected regrade, there were several options.  Do you remember which option you chose?  Making the question worth zero points might be the canvas equivalent of "do not count this question."  In new quizzes the quiz remains worth the same total number of points in the gradebook, but the points on the quiz are assigned proportionately.  If you had a 17 question quiz, and you set the assignment value to 17 points that is very direct.  But when you drop one question, the 17 points are assigned according to the percent of 16 remaining points that students earn.  A student with a perfect score on 16 questions will still get 17 points, and a student who missed all 16 questions will still get a zero.  However, a student who misses one out 16 questions will have a score like 15.94 since each question is now worth just a little more than 1 point in the conversion. 

I'm not sure how to reverse the regrading. 

I believe you can adjust the quiz to be worth 16 points if you prefer a whole number for each grade.  First mute the quiz by hiding grades, then set use the three dot menu on the assignment tab to change the quiz from 17 points to 16, then return to the speedgrader and regrade (or if regrade still fails, add a fudge point, click update, check the gradebook, return to speedgrader, remove the fudge point, and click update again.)Once everything is correct, use post grades to display the scores to the class again.

Or you can just add the fraction of a fudge point (0.06 in my 15 out of 16 on a 17 point quiz example) that would round the score up.