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Removing Unused Courses

How do you remove unused course? I read the answer provided, but I have no idea how to star and unstar a course or what the on/off button is. I am working with BLEND and I am finding it difficult and frustrating to search for answers about BLEND because there are differences in BLEND and Canvas. 

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I found my information. Thank you.

Community Coach
Community Coach

Hello again, Thank You for posting your question.  I'm not sure what BLEND this isn't any kind of terminology in Canvas that I am familiar with.  Maybe it is something specific to your school?

Getting to your question, though...  When you are signed in to Canvas, click on your "Courses" menu on the left-hand global navigation menu.  Then, click on your "All Courses" link within that menu.  You'll be taken to a screen which shows all the courses you're currently enrolled in as well as any past or future courses you have or will be taking.  This is the screen where you can click on the star next to a course to "favorite" it.  However, you may not be able to star everything right away...and these Guides will explain what you can and cannot "favorite":

How do I customize my Courses list as an instructor? 

Finally, as I did with your other question, I am going to modify the subject line of this question as well so that the topic title aligns more with the body of your question.  I'll also add some keywords to your question so that it is easier for people to search for this topic should they have similar questions.  I hope this is alright with you.

Please let us know if you have any other questions, Morgen.  Thanks!