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Repetitive Test Banks

We have noticed that after multiple times of replicating a course, multiple copies of test banks show up when choosing questions to put in a quiz/exam. It makes it hard to know exactly what test bank you last worked in (the most current) to indicate which one you want to pull questions from.

Unfortunately, these duplicate banks do not show up in the question bank app (accessed through the Quizzes tab and ellipses link, so there is no way to remove the extra duplicate bank and keep the one you are working in as the current and only available bank for that course.

Example, I identify the course and chapter for a particular bank. I edit the bank and move to making a quiz/exam. When I go to choose which questions to populate the quiz with, I know see 2 available banks for that course and that chapter.

How can we make it so there is only one current bank available and not be confusing in this way?

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