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Requirements and deleting blank submissions

I started adding requirements so students would have to move through my course in a specific order instead of only completing assignments and not looking at the pages. I have a few middle school students that will submit a textbox with "e" or submit a math pdf instead of the science assignment so they are able to unlock the next/current assignment. Is there a way I can go back and remove the privilege of moving on for those students submitting garbage?

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi @sshinaver8 

You could try expanding your module requirements to also require a minimum score before they are able to move forward. This could get tricksie for both you and the students though. For example, will you then require that students continue to resubmit until they reach a minimum score? That could amount to a lot of grading, and may prove too daunting for some students and they would never move on. Maybe hold this for more important assignments, but still.

Anyways, this guide will show you how: How do I add requirements to a module?

Good luck,


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I wish I could do the minimum score! With 140 students that's just a bit much! Thank you for the suggestion though. I love that feature for different "quizzes."