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Restricting Modules to specific students

I need to show CONTENT PAGES to students based on a mastery path. From what I have tested and seen so far on Canvas documentation, you can only limit students to assignments and quizzes, not content pages! I have tested this multiple times in my classroom and it has not worked.

We have content that is sensitive to some students and not to other students. Our class is made up of 8 units and each student sees 7 units. All students see the same first 6 units and the last 2 units are shown to students depending on whether they are 'opt in' or 'opt out' of the sensitive content. How can this be achieved in Canvas? I was thinking it can be done using 'Mastery Paths' but I feel like there should be a better way.

Any help is greatly appreciated! Making separate sections for the different content is not an option at this point.

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Hi  @chum 

Like Kona says putting page in the master path DOES HIDE it from folks who do not have it in their pathway. If no students have selected that path, no students would see that page.

Cheers - Shar

The problem I am having now is when I try to add a page to a mastery path, it can't "find" the page. The content page is published and in the same module as the quiz that has the mastery path, and does not appear under "All Items". I've tried it with the page being in the same module, the page being in a different module, and the page not at all being on the modules page and it still does not show up.

Am I missing something? Does something need to be enabled at a course/account level for this to function properly?

 @brian_t_anders , double check that the page has been added as content for Mastery Paths. To do this, edit the page and scroll to the bottom of the page. There is a check box to add the page to Mastery Paths. Once you’ve done that the page should show up as something you can add to your path. 

Hope this helps!


That was it, thanks.

Glad to hear it was an easy fix!

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Thanks for the help. I am still having issues with pages showing. Below you can see a picture of a student view who has not taken the pre-assess check yet that is set for mastery path. She can see the Start here and Explore pages. I want these pages to be hidden until after they take the pre-assess which will determine if she needs it or not. I have double checked that all pages have the mastery path check-marked (hence I can see them to add them to the mastery path). What am I forgetting to do? 

Here is what I see when masquerading as a student. 

282314_Screen Shot 2018-07-20 at 9.11.08 AM.png

Here is how the mastery path is set: 

282315_Screen Shot 2018-07-20 at 9.13.35 AM.png

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Hi Chris,

Wow, looks to me like you did everything correctly with the pages in the paths and all. Are you using Test Student, masquerading as a specific student, or logged in with a "Student role" account?

And are you sure that you do not have any duplicate pages with the same names as the ones in the path? That's the last thing I can think of for why those items are showing up in the path when they are clearly supposed to be locked and the pre-assess quiz has not been graded yet.

 @kona  or  @kblack , do you have any other suggestions?

Cheers - Shar

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I figured out the issue. I had the required activities set in the Module and pages were part of it. When I removed those from the list, they disappeared. That was a tricky one, thank you for the help everyone. 

"Are you using Test Student, masquerading as a specific student, or logged in with a "Student role" account?"

I'm encountering several issues with Mastery Paths and was wondering if testing with the Test Student is reliable. Since you're asking this question, I'm guessing that there are differences. What's the difference between testing MP with an actual student account and Test Student? @Shar Ty!