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Restricting Modules to specific students

I need to show CONTENT PAGES to students based on a mastery path. From what I have tested and seen so far on Canvas documentation, you can only limit students to assignments and quizzes, not content pages! I have tested this multiple times in my classroom and it has not worked.

We have content that is sensitive to some students and not to other students. Our class is made up of 8 units and each student sees 7 units. All students see the same first 6 units and the last 2 units are shown to students depending on whether they are 'opt in' or 'opt out' of the sensitive content. How can this be achieved in Canvas? I was thinking it can be done using 'Mastery Paths' but I feel like there should be a better way.

Any help is greatly appreciated! Making separate sections for the different content is not an option at this point.

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi  @brian_t_anders ‌

I think the easiest way would be  to use Sections.

Section A (or whatever title works for you) sees the restricted content, and Section B does not.

You could also use Groups, and if students are permitted to self-determine their access to the restricted content then the groupd could be set to self-enroll.

I hope this helps,

Agent K

Community Coach
Community Coach

I didn't think content could be restricted by section or group, only assignmens... am I missing something? 

 @kona ‌,

I think you are right.  You can restrict assignments, quizzes, or discussions to specific sections, but the content pages do not function in that way (at least as far as we know).


Community Coach
Community Coach

jschaffer &  @chum , I'll be honest that it's been a while since I've played around with Mastery Paths, but as far as I was aware if you include a Page as part of a Mastery Path then it does NOT show up to anyone other than people who got that page as part of their Mastery Path. I just tested this (set up a test module from scratch) and it appears that this is still the case. 

Here's a quick video showing my settings and that it is working as intended - Page as a part of a Mastery Path 

Hope this helps!


Community Coach
Community Coach

 @brian_t_anders ‌, the only way I know of to accomplish what you're wanting to do is by using something like this with mastery paths -

Kona, thanks for the information. I originally marked this as correct, but after further investigation, it is not practical for what I am trying to do. I need to add pages to a mastery path and it does not appear to be an option. When I add an item to my path, it shows everything but my pages.

You can add pages to the Path and that should restrict it from the people who don't need access -

Navigator II

I would use module restrictions:

One module (called Choose Last Module) with 1 quiz where the students opt-in (score 1) or opt-out (score 0) and make the requirement to complete that module students score 1 on the quiz.

Sensitive Content module requires Choose Last Module to be complete... This module will contain the sensitive content for the students who opt-in.

Then the non sensitive content could just be a regular access.

But if you don't even want students to know there's different content and it's locked from them, then Mastery Paths would be the way to go as per  @kona  blog. Or you could hide the sensitive content on Assignment pages and differentiate to Sensitive Content section of students as  @kmeeusen  suggests.

Good luck,
Cheers - Shar

Community Member

So am I understanding correctly, currently Mastery paths will not HIDE or serve specific Content Pages as part of the mastery path? When I add it to my Mastery Paths, it still shows for all students prior to taking the quiz to determine the path.