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Resubmission in SpeedGrader

If a student resubmits an assignment, will the ugraded resubmission become the default view in SpeedGrader so that I'm reminded to grade it? I don't want to miss grading a resubmission because I didn't know it was there. Thank you!

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Community Advocate
Community Advocate

Hello, Whitney! When a student submits an assignment in a course, the submission notification appears on the teacher's dashboard - after that submission is graded, the notification on the dashboard will no longer appear. However, if a student re-submits that assignment the notification will repopulate back on the dashboard to remind you to grade the new submission.

In the Speedgrader for that assignment all submissions are listed under that student's name; assignments are listed in chronological order, with the newest submissions at the bottom of that student's drop-down menu. The newest submission becomes the default view when you open submissions for that student.

Although the new submission notifications will always appear on your Dashboard, you'll want to adjust your Notification Settings (specifically, the "All Submissions" option) if you want to receive email messages that submissions have occurred.

I hope this helps, let me know if you have any follow-up questions. Good luck!

That's very helpful, Wade. I appreciate the thorough explanation. Thank you!

To follow up specifically about how the resubmission will appear on Speedgrader, if I were to sort the submissions by date, which submission will be used to determine the place in the queue: the resubmission or the original submission?


Community Team
Community Team

Hi, Whitney,

Also adding that the Gradebook will also show the Submission icon again, if you use the Gradebook a lot, as shown in 


This is also a helpful detail. Thank you, Erin!