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Revealing General Answer Comments to Students in Graded Survey

I created a Graded Survey in my Canvas module, mostly using Essay Questions. I included General Answer Comments after each question because I want students to submit their ideas and then see my answers and feedback right away. However, when I test the Graded Survey in Test Student View, I am not able to see the General Answer Comments after submitting my responses to the Graded Survey. Instead, I see a message that the instructor has to grade the assignment before the test student can receive feedback.

How can I make sure that students receive feedback from the General Answer Comments right away, either after responding to each question or after submitting all of their answers in the General Survey?

Does this setup generate automatic grades when students input answers, or does the instructor have to grade the Graded Survey manually?

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I wonder if you're seeing symptoms and misdiagnosing the problem? I suspect it has nothing to do with quizzes, but something to do with a posting policy.


For an actual student, they see the general feedback, even for essay questions, provided they can see the quiz results.


This is also true when in "Student View"


And when the teacher does a Preview of the quiz.


The score is automatically given for taking the graded survey, even if they don't answer every question. My actual student got 10/10 points, but only answered the first essay. The teacher preview got 10/12 points. There were 12 possible points found by adding up the points on the questions, but the graded survey was worth 10 points.

When I go into the student's grades, there is no indication that the quiz needs graded, just that they got the full 10 points. The same is for the test student.


When I, as the teacher, go into the gradebook, it shows up properly.


If you have double checked that your question type is Graded Survey, then you should not be seeing what you're seeing.


Posting Policy

There is another, more likely possibility. What is your posting policy for the course and assignment?

If your posting policy is set to Manual or the grades are hidden, then the test student see this in the gradebook


They see this for the quiz itself.


When the instructor goes into the gradebook, they can post the grades by clicking on the options for the assignment and choosing "Post grades."


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