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Community Member

Rubric Manager

I'd like to request the management of Rubrics to be improved to include a full-fledged Rubric Manager.

An example

  • Import/Export of Rubrics
  • Saving the Title of Rubrics
  • Being able the rubrics outside of an assignment (especially allowing the entire screen)
  • Being able to clearly identify which courses + CRNS are using that specific rubric
  • The ability to track the progress of a rubric as it improves
    • A type of genealogy or version number so faculty can determine how it has changed

Thank you

-Joe S

2 Replies
Community Coach
Community Coach, I have to agree that I would love these advanced features for rubrics! Right now there is a way to import rubrics - Importing Rubrics from a Spreadsheet‌ - and to export the results - Rubric Analysis Using the API

As for some of your other ideas, I know some of them have been posted as feature ideas in the Canvas Community - (scroll to the R - for Rubric). My recommendation is to go through and vote and comment on the ideas that you would like to see in Canvas and then if you can't find an idea that you'd like to see for rubrics you could create your own feature idea.

Hope this helps!


Community Member


That you for the reply. I have been using the basic import/export features, but myself and my colleagues found quickly the rubrics become a jumbled mess. In addition, it is difficult to re-size the rubric window. This is where a full-blown manager that lets you tag, rename, associate the rubric with a CRN, easily to help clarify what rubric is being used when and which rubrics have "retired"

Thank you for the follow up!