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SCORM package as ungraded assignment still shows 0 pts

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Hi All! 

I'm uploading a SCORM package as assignment, and marking it as an ungraded assignment. But when I add it to the module, it automatically comes up as a graded assignment with 0 pts. I' afraid the "0 pts" will confuse students. Is there a way to remove it?

Earlier, my other SCORM packages imported as ungraded assignments worked great and had no such issues. But today, I had to upload a new version of a module, and I can't seem to get rid of the "0 pts". PLease see attached screenshot. 

Thank you so much for the help! 


334143_zero pts.png

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Yes! This is exactly what happens for us, too... There is no chance to get rid of the "0 pts" being displayed without the content disappearing... And everyone continues to be confused about why it says 0 pts if we leave it like that...

I'm reopening my case, slowly but surely I'm getting more and more disappointed about the handling of SCORM in the LMS. It is almost like Canvas is trying to low-key force users into stopping working with SCORM.

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Exactly the same issue for us too. There is no way to have a SCORM object display with points showing up. This is really confusing for students, We have exec ed students who do not take these modules for any grading whatsoever. Earlier, it was possible to import ungraded SCORM objects without showing 0 pts if they were not opening a new tab. I hope Canvas team fixes this. .

L2 support suggest to open a feature request in the community. Also there haven't been "any updates to code for Scorm functionality in Canvas" and no feature releases regarding SCORM in the last year. 😕

There is a feature request open for this. Here is the link. 

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There is a feature request open for this. Here is the link 

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Here is the final message in my chain with Canvas. It looks like this issue cannot be fixed:

Hello Kevin, 

My apologies, as I believe there is a misunderstanding between the functionality of the SCORM in Canvas and your goals for how you would like it to work in the gradebook. 

If I am understanding your goal for a solution, it is that all the SCORM assignments imported as "ungraded" should NOT appear in the gradebook at all. Is that correct?

If so, I'm afraid there is a conflict between that goal, and the functionality of the SCORM assignment imports.

The following explanation is in reference to our corporate SCORM guide found here:

All SCORM assignments are imported as External Tool Assignment Submissions-- (even when imported as ungraded) which means that they will by their nature be assigned a point value, and are housed in the external tool submission type.

This also means that if you remove the "submission type" or make it "not graded" (not graded also removes submission type, or any submission) then the SCORM  LTI is no longer valid, and as you indicated, the content is removed.  This is because the SCORM *is* the LTI submission/external tool configuration. 

This is part of the proper functionality, not a bug or misbehavior, or issue related to Canvas that needs to be fixed. 

That said, there is a feature request in progress that is directly related: I have also attached this case to this feature request. 

Please go vote on this feature request, and encourage other instructors/administrators to jump in and vote for this as well. If enough people vote, this will be considered for implementation and development, and that would be the way to achieve your goal as outlined in the beginning.   

I hope this has provided some clarification and information that is useful to you. 

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Thank you for sharing, Kevin! That is pretty frustrating.

Surveyor II

This is confusing to me because it's not how the SCORM LTI functioned prior to the release with the ability to import as a page. Previously, importing as an ungraded assignment resulted in an assignment that did not appear in the gradebook and did not have any points value associated with it. After this update to the SCORM LTI, importing as an ungraded assignment now results in the equivalent of a graded assignment worth 0 points. In other words, the assignment shows up in the gradebook and it shows "0 pts" when added to Modules. This is not how it behaved previously.

I like the option to import as a page and would consider using that instead, however, there are two issues with that. First, I don't like how the page jumps around vertically while interacting with, say, a Storyline 360 SCORM package imported as a page. I was able to correct this by editing the HTML of the imported page and add width:100%; min-height:600px; to the style attribute - but this type of manual change shouldn't be necessary. Second, I previously used the assignment details area to provide info about the SCORM assignment prior to it being launched in a new tab. This would now require either scrolling down to see the SCORM content or creating a launch page within Storyline, which introduces new issues if the user has popup blocker turned on.

Please consider restoring the ungraded assignment import functionality.