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School Discussion

  • Why is so much work in school all in one week.?
  •    Why the deadline so short.?
  • Why is it so hard to get in school  and rush to your classes.?
  • some people have a long time understand assignment.?
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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi artnow10 

Judging from your question, I suspect you are a student. First, welcome to the Canvas Community - we really like it when students find their way here!

This Community is where users discuss Canvas in general as a teaching and learning tool, and it you explore a bit you will see the kinds of things we do here, and learn a lot about Canvas and teaching and learning online.

However, we are unable to see your own school's instance of Canvas nor answer the kinds of questions you have asked about your school in general. Many students (and even some teachers) make the mistake of assuming there is only one Canvas instance - the one at their school, and so think their questions are going to that Canvas,.

You will need to ask your teachers, and even your school admins to get the answers to your questions.

I hope this helps,