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SchoolNet Issues

Several of the teachers in my school have attempted to use SchoolNet as an External Tool in an Assignment. I have walked teachers through how to create this assignment, but a sporadic number of students in each class have been unable to access the test. For each test, at least one student has been able to access, so it's not a completely global issue.

The error message states 

Access Not Allowed

You do not have the necessary permissions to view this page.

I have checked other students in the same class and they are getting through.

Has anyone else been having issues with this tool? Thank you

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I've been having a very similar problem. At least one student per class is unable to take the test via SchoolNet. On occasion, it will allow them to start the test one day, but not to finish it later. 

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I have not received a solution from Canvas support or community; however, I did get some feedback from SchoolNet via DPI (I haven't been able to determine whether the workaround is successful at this point as I have not had any teachers try it yet)...

Pearson continues to investigate the error message to determine a root cause. Thank you to everyone for supplying login credentials, Schoolnet Test ID numbers, Canvas URL links to assessments, ETC. We know this is a tremendous ask and truly appreciate everyone's assistance with gathering the details.

We were able to reproduce the issue via the following click path:
Student authentication through IAM/NCEDCloud > click Canvas > select course > select assessment from To Do list > error appears

If the error occurs for your students, please have the student(s):
1. Exit/log out of Canvas.
2. Next, from the NCEDCloud launch page click Schoolnet App.
3. Navigate back to NCEDCloud launch page and click Canvas to access the assessment.

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