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Scores not showing up in new grade book

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This is for an on-ground class with all assignments graded on paper. Grades for the first quiz showed up when I input them last Thursday. They still show up for the students, but do not appear in my grade book. They are there if I download as a CSV. They show in grade book history. The students can see them. 

Since the students said they could see the grades I went ahead and input the quiz 2 grades. Again, they show up in grade book history, but disappear as soon as I go down to input the next student's grade. 

When I open the grade book, two identical error messages appear that say "Oops - last request did not work out."

Mac OS 10.13.2. Safari 11.0.2 AND Chrome  63.0.3239.84 (?). Input Quiz 1 grades in Safari and Quiz 2 grades in Chrome. 

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Update (*). Scores now show up. A student was added and I just input her two scores and could see both. The only thing I can think of is that I restarted the computer. There was something about an upgrade on Jan 6, at least to our local system, so maybe it needed a restart because of that. 

(*) because I hate it when people post questions and never come back with a resolution

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Hi  @kline_peggy  Welcome to the worldwide Canvas Community!  You should definitely report this to Canvas (Help>>Report a Problem) if my one suggestion below does not work.  They want to hear about all issues concerning the new Gradebook.

The one thought I had when you asked this was to double-check that you have all filters removed.  There is an issue with previously-created filters remaining intact even after unchecking the Filters checkbox under the View menu.  That is outlined here:  How do I filter columns by type in the New Gradebook?   To correct this, filter it again, but make sure that everything is showing for Assignment Groups or Modules--whatever you might have filtered by in the past.

I admit this is a bit of a long-shot guess, but it may be worth a try before reporting it to Canvas.  

Thank you for the welcome. 

There are no filters as far as I can tell. I experimented with turning them on and off.

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Community Coach

 @kline_peggy  , are your grades being synced with another system? Like PowerBook or something g like that? If so, then it’s my guess that the issue is occurring between the two systems. Regardless this is a strange issue and my recommendation is to contact your Canvas Admin at your school and submit a Canvas Support Help ticket (log into Canvas go to your course, click on Help on the left, and report a problem). 

Hope this helps!

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No synching other than via Apple's Time Machine and that was going on before and I've never had this issue. Guess I'll report it. Thanks all!

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Reporting it via a Canvas Support Ticket doesn't seem to be an option for us. The only support option listed under Help is to phone it in and I don't have the patience (or probably the time) for that.

Hi Margaret - Indeed, some institutions (ours included, much to my own chagrin) have that disabled in favor of directing all questions to their own support area.  I'm afraid that's probably something you'll have to do, eventually, if the issue keeps occurring.

Thanks Ken.

I pasted my question into our version of a support area--a threaded discussion where new features are introduced and where people were solicited to beta test the new grade book. The response there from our administrator was to call the Canvas support line. So there you go. I guess I'm either going to have to call or hope it goes away. And I think I've learned my lesson about volunteering for Canvas betas.

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Hi Margaret,

I've had some teachers grades disappear before and it's been a caching issue. Have you opened your gradebook in a different browser or in an incognito window. Other times, assignments have not appeared in the gradebook because the teacher has not assigned a date to the assignment and they're viewing a specific marking period with a limited date range (ie 2nd Quarter). However, I don't think it's a date issue because it sounds like you can see the assignment in your gradebook, just not the grades.

Thanks Audra

Not a caching issue. That's part of the reason that I opened it in Chrome as I've had issues with Safari when I've updated a web page and the edit doesn't show up. The other reason being that the grade book doesn't download properly in Safari--it thinks it's downloading, but it's not there. I will try on my office computer, but it's so ancient I get constant error messages that the browser isn't good enough for Canvas and I don't think the grade book works at all from it. 

Even though the assignments are in-class, on-paper quizzes, I do put in dates so that it shows up in the course calendar and I hope that aspect is useful to students.