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Search function in SpeedGrader?

Hello! I'm relatively new to Canvas and wondering if there is a way to search the student list in SpeedGrader. There are over 600 students in the course so scrolling down to the name I'm interested in looking up is a little tedious. 


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Community Coach

Hi, and  Welcome to the Canvas Community!

Unfortunately, there is not a search feature in SpeedGrader; which, as you say, would be incredibly useful in large enrollment courses.

There is a request for improvements to SpeedGrader to support large courses at that you might want to check out and support. Please note that this idea does not specifically mention "search" feature, so you may want to add it to your comments.

And here is another one related to the size of the course that you might also want to support at 



Thank you Kelley, this is useful information! I will take a look at these links. 


As Kelley says, you can't search in the SpeedGrader. But there is a workaround - you can search in the course gradebook and when you find the student there, jump straight to their submission in the SpeedGrader. Click "Grades" from the course menu then when the gradebook opens, type the student's name or ID into the filter box. When the student's grades are displayed, find the column for the assignment you want to mark and click in the corner of the box, then you'll get a pop-up window with a link saying "More details in SpeedGrader".

I realise this is not ideal because if you're marking lots of submissions you will need to keep jumping back and forth between grades and SpeedGrader each time you want to find the next student.


Thank you, Steve! That's a reasonable workaround for the time being. 

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