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Search function?

Is there a way to search for text string across all units of a shell?

Search for URLs, file names, or by attribute (extension, hidden text…)?

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi there, @reheftma ...

I don't know of any built-in Canvas function that lets you search for content within your course.  However, there is a third-party LTI external app called Atomic Search that might meet some of your needs.  This LTI app may have a cost associated with it, so be aware of that.

I know this might not be the exact answer you were looking for, but I hope that it will help in some way to answer your question.  Thanks...take care, stay safe, and be well.


I do not know of any such function via the API, but you can get all the files, pages, announcements, and quizzes via the API and search this content.  For a course that I have with a very large number of pages (~800 of them), I keep a copy of the contents of all of the pages locally in a directory and then can each use grep to search them. The program I wrote to get all of the pages is cgetall, see




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