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Searchable Question Banks

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I haven't seen anything on this lately and was wondering where we stand with being able to search question banks in Canvas.

We get users taking tests with an issue about the question (sometimes a missing photo).
If questions are being pulled from question banks it's almost impossible to search for part of the question text.

It would be so helpful to be able to search question banks.

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Community Team
Community Team

 @lbarratt1 ‌, a CTRL-F (Windows) or CMD-F (Mac) search for keywords works in both Quizzes.Next item banks and Canvas (classic) quiz banks.

Hi Stefanie. This only works if you have the correct question bank opened. Our user doesn't know which question bank the question is coming from and I don't believe there is a search tool to help with that.


We are still on the old quizzes until we can get to work with Respondus LockDown Browser. But yes, I'll share this with a bunch of people to vote up on. Thanks! 🙂

I tried to support that, but it said that it was "completed'.  I assume that means the voting has closed -- or are they definitely moving to make this possible?

 @jaffolte , yes, it has been completed and is available in Quizzes.Next. Please refer to the Canvas Release Notes (2019-03-30).