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Secondary ID in Gradebook

How can I, as the Instructor, add a Secondary ID for each student in Gradebook?

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Hi David Dzikowski,

The Canvas Gradebook 'Secondary  ID' is the user's ID/login ID, and its display in the gradebook is an automated feature in Canvas. Typically only Admins have access to this, as it is system generated and standardized per instance of Canvas. I do not believe that there is any way for faculty to create an additional ID for users.

What is the purpose or goal of being able to do this? This information might point to a different solution.

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Thanks, Earl.

Since I teach sections comprised of international students who also go by an English nickname, I wanted to add that as a "secondary ID."

I understand what you mean about admin-only access and the specific content that would be in that Secondary ID.

Instead, I'll use the Notes column for the students' preferred names.

Thanks, again, for getting back to me.

Best regards,


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Thanks for the added details David, this might be useful...

At the bottom of the left hand course menu, click on 'Settings', and then go to the 'Feature Options' tab and toggle 'Gradebook - List Students by Sortable Name' to the 'On' position. You can sample this feature in both positions to see if one display is preferable to the other.

Gradebook Display - List_Toggle Feature

I hope you find this helpful.

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Hi,  @dxd4 ‌.

If you have students who wish to be called something other than their legal name, you may wish to look into and direct the students to Penn State's preferred name policy at Preferred Name and Gender Identity Policy (Formerly Preferred Name Policy) | Penn State Policies. You may wish to confirm on your end, but a quick read seems to imply that the preferred names would be used in Canvas in place of legal name. (That's how we do it at Columbia, anyway...)

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Thanks, Nelson.

This is very helpful.


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One of our advisers just noticed the SecondaryID field missing in her view as well.  She was able to see it last quarter (quarter ended early June, 2018).  


Some of our instructors noticed the same thing.

Back with the  5/12 release, a couple of new permission settings were added for "View login ids for users" and "See other users' primary email address" under Admin > Permissions > Course Roles.  I think those permissions were turned off by default. 


Hi DavidBrandy and Michael,

This is lightly off topic, but follows up on what Michael brought up. The 'Permissions' were refined and made more 'granular', as we have been asking for, in the last Canvas update, and I got caught by this same issue. I think it is worth while to review all permissions as they exist now, because some tweaking was necessary after the change.


You could use the "notes" column.  That was my solution.