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Semester Setup for Free Teacher Account

I am trying to create two semesters with separate grades and assignments, but the term option for the Free account is a single default term.  Is there a way to setup semesters using some other function.  I tried to add Fall and Spring semesters using a Fall and a Spring section, but I still see the assignments that are outside of my section dates. For instance, when I Iook at the Spring section, I still can see the Fall section's assignments when I look at the grades.

Please direct me to the correct process.

Thank you!

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Hello Nita,

There isn't really an option for adding a term to the courses under the free teacher account.

Is there some particular reason for trying to use the same course for two semesters, as opposed to having a separate course for each semester?



Thank you for responding to my question. I was going to create a separate

course for each semester, but I was trying to see I were missing an option

in the software. If there is no other option, I will just create Fall and

Spring courses.

Is there a way to archive a course and then restore it later?

Thank you,


On Wed, Jul 3, 2019 at 2:29 PM <

Hi Nita,

You can export the course to a .zip file using the steps at

How do I export a Canvas course? 

and you can import the content from a Canvas export .zip file into another course: 

However, be aware that those exports only include course content.  They do not include enrollments, student submissions, grades, or any other student work.


Hi Nita,

If it's helpful, you can create the course once and then just copy it for the other course using the "Import Course Content > Copy a Canvas Course" set of tools. If you do it that way, you can have Canvas automatically offset the dates for you, so that you have your assignments' dates for Fall semester shifted to reflect Spring dates. That makes it easy if you're teaching the same course each semester and don't want to redo the dates completely. Here's a picture of that page: 316819_pastedImage_1.png