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We've just transitioned to online classes because of COVID-19, but as a public speaking instructor, I'm flummoxed by one thing. In the classroom setting, I had each student fill out an evaluation form for each of their fellow speakers; then I would gather those forms, go over them myself, and attach them to my own evaluation and grade sheet and return the packet to the student. (I go over them myself 1st so I can discard any that might contain offensive or hurtful remarks.) Is there any way for me to do this when I'm teaching online?

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Community Team
Community Team

Hi  @jmerriam ,

There are a few different Canvas features you may want to consider in order to accomplish what you are trying to do.

1. You could attempt to use peer reviews and/or moderated grading. This would allow reviewers or graders to comment on or grade other students' work.

2. You could use a discussion post for each student and allow other students to reply to the post using the template you created. This wouldn't really allow for privacy though.

3. You could create an assignment for each student that is assigned to all students in the course except that student. Then every other student could submit to that assignment using the form you mentioned. You could then download all student submissions so you could send them to the reviewed student along with your feedback.

Perhaps others in the community may have additional thoughts as well. Best of luck!

Cody - Canvas Doc Team

Community Member

Hi Joan, 

Something you could use is a Google Form that would allow students to give their evaluations for the other student. You could just post the link to the form on a Canvas page (or possibly an assignment with the Google Apps external app, but I’m still learning how to do that myself!) and then their evaluations would be sent to you to review first. You can export all of the evaluations to a spreadsheet (either Google Sheets or Excel), which could then be sent to the student, after deleting any student comments. I hope this helps!