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Separate groups for testing - especially EL students?

I have a teacher in my building who want to put her EL students in a separate group for testing and for some assignments so that she can easily adapt to student needs.  The Groups feature seems to only function for assigning work to groups in a way that makes the assignment a multi-person task.  Obviously, this is not a good idea for most testing.

SO, how can we easily separate students in a class for assigning different tests or assignments?

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I just read through the suggestions and tried them.  None work as described.  I am going to watch the Canvas Live video when I can block out time to figure out how to make this work.  Being able to EASILY assign differentiated work is crucial in modern public education.  Frankly, this is almost a hidden feature.

Here is what I have learned from the video:

  1. the suggestions made by Teri Ross re: creating Groups in Assignments has NO BEARING on what I was asking since Groups in assignments (more properly called categories) are simply for the purpose of weighting, or at least labeling different kinds of assignment.
  2. while Groups can be created in People for differentited activities and assignments (I use this already.), using Groups for assignments prohibits individual submissions (the goal of the question I asked).
  3. the only way to assign differentiated work to students that will result in individual submissions is to assign to individual students.
  4. currently it is not possible to do what I was asking - Create groups in order to assign differentiated work to groups with the result of individual submissions.

We actually create the group of students, (not the assignment groups for weighting grades) and then on the assign button instead of assigning to individual students, we assign to the group.  It absolutely works. I have teachers that use for students with modifications every day.

Yet, according to Canvas and the Canvas Live video, it is not yet possible for those group assignments to be submitted as individual submissions.

That is actually only true if you click the Group Assignment box.  It is not true if you use the Group on the Assign To box.  It is very confusing but the term group is used so many different ways.  It definitely works.    You don't click the This is a Group Assignment checkbox and the put the group in the Assign To.  Each student gets a different submit and you can use the add button to give different due dates to different students or groups of students.

I reiterate: Unless I check "This is a Group Assignment," the groups I have set up do not show up as an option in "Assign to" when I create assignments. The groups are not in the list, and they do not show up when I type the group names.  I simply see "No results found." If I do check "This is a Group Assignment," individually submitted assignments are not supported.  See the screen capture (in my earlier response) from the video you linked.

I do not want group work assignments.  I want individually submitted assignments that have been assigned to specialized groups in the class.  According Canvas documentation AND the video you referred to me (along with my own experience), that is not currently possible.

Please share some screen shots of what you are describing because I am seeing none of it.

The ONLY things I see in the Assign To window are the sections of my course, the individual students, and the Groups I created in the People section for true group projects.

I can honestly find no way to do what I have been asking, about and I do not see what you are describing.  In the Assign To box, I see Everyone as the default. When the drop-down starts working, I see my course sections (usually only two of three) and the beginning of the list of individual students.  I see nothing there that allows me to create groups or assign to groups. I can only select course sections or individual students.

Screen shots or video would be very much appreciated.

Unless the "group" members are selected individually each time an assignment is made, this does not seem to work.  Doing this accomplishes the task, but becomes cumbersome for the teacher with multiple classes where this is needed.