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Sharing my course

I created a course I was wondering how to share the course for students to enroll in my created course?

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Hello  Lamoth Haynie,

If this is a course which is official/for credit, you will want to reach out to your Canvas Admin and/or the person in charge of your Student Information System. If this course is outside of the scope of which I described, you can make your course available to self-enroll. 

Hello, my course isnt official or for credit. I clicked on the link that you posted, but when I tried to update my settings I do not see the "admin" button on the left side as its shown on the directions.


You will need to contact your Canvas Administrator for your institution.

Community Team
Community Team

Hello,  @lhaynie151  Welcome to the Canvas Community! It sounds like you're a teacher. The instructions for allowing self-enrollment in a course are in the View More Options section of How do I set details for a course? and continue in