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Show credits enrolled for on Canvas for variable credit classes

I have a suggested improvement to Canvas that would help both instructors and students of variable credit classes. 

Here’s the problem: I teach a class that students can enroll in for 1-3 credits based on workload. Neither the student nor I can see how many credits they’ve enrolled for on Canvas. If a student made a mistake when registering (i.e. enrolling for 1 credit accidentally, instead of 3), then I could help them correct the problem in a timely manner. If canvas could reflect the credits, then I would quickly be aware of the mistake and help the student re-register for the correct number of credits. It would avoid extra work and stress on both my part and the part of the students.

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Community Team
Community Team

Hi @AMYSIBUL and welcome to the Community!

One way that I can think that you could do this would be if your institution were to add students to your roster via sections with a different section for each credit level.  Then you could see what section a student is in without that affecting their experience in your course (unless you wanted to make some assignments, etc viewable only to specific sections). 

That being said, there is a feature conversation forum where you can suggest new features and join in discussions with other users about how they might work, a forum frequented by our product team managers.