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Significant issues with Canvas Parent iOS app

I have a significant issue with the Canvas Parent application.  There is no ability to request support in the app since the only options enabled for my children’s school appears to only be for students and teachers.  No way to submit help for parents.

The main issue I have is all assignments do not update to show they are submitted.  Every assignment shows as “not submitted” regardless of the actual status.  When my child logs into the Canvas Student application it shows the correct status of the assignment, but the parent application does not.  Don’t they look at the same back end data?  How can they show two different statuses?

how do I get help?

Thank you.

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Community Coach
Community Coach

HI @pgaziano -

I'm sorry that the "Help" option isn't available for you! It's something that may have been manually disabled. However, I'm unsure as to why that would be the case.

If your student's Canvas app has updated with the correct info, you're right. It would make sense that the Parent app would update too. With any of the Canvas apps, I have noticed that if something updates or is published while I'm in a course, sometimes I need to refresh the page or close it and restart. That will allow everything to sync.

When you close and restart the app, do past assignment show as "not submitted". Do any of the assignments display as "graded"? How do I view details for an assignment in the Canvas Parent app on my iOS Device?