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Skinny Scrollbars Chrome

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Is anyone else seeing REALLY skinny scroll-bars in Chrome + Canvas? A lot of chatter on general forums about the issue of skinny scroll bars, but none of the Chrome 'fat scroll bar' extensions seem to affect Canvas.

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cesbrandt​, the solution I'm seeing in​'s post is that Support is working on fixing this so that individuals and institutions do not have to make changes to their custom CSS.


My apologies for having not been clear. I've modified my post to state that I am referring specifically to the "in the meantime" solution.


Is there any timeframe on fixing this problem? It's an accessibility issue; skinny scrollbars are difficult for people with low vision and/or motor control challenges to work with. Thanks.


I'm also looking for an ETA. I have quite the number of instructors who are having difficulty navigating the system because of the scroll bar. Is there a an easier solution or workaround? Editing CSS in a file is not a "fix" that will be acceptable for most people experiencing this. 

Highlighted‌, the solution I posted only requires the global CSS file for the institution to be modified. It is the exact same solution as what Eric posted from Instructure support, except the Canvas admin applies it once, instead of users applying it everywhere, and it works for all -webkit browsers/versions.

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The solution I've applied is simply to not use the horizontal scroll.  Instead I either click in a cell and use the arrow keys or I use the mouse wheel which provides a horizontal scrolling action as well.   I disfavor these approaches as when I am doing either of the above I am required to click into a cell which then makes it editable.  This is less of an issue with the mouse wheel.

ps.  I thought I'd provide a visual...  this is lots of fun when you have a hidden taskbar that won't stay hidden while you are trying to select the horizontal scroll...  ;o)


Highlighted, I recently saw the skinny scrollbars on another browser. I applied the major Windows 10 Creator update on Thursday night and it loaded Edge as part of the process. It had a skinny scrollbar that became wider when you moused over it to use it. I like visuals too, but not enough to open back up Edge to get one.


With Edge having a mere 4.8% market share for desktop users, not too many of us will experience the benefit of that option.  Smiley Sad  Personally, I need to use extensions and desire the protocol to show in the address bar, which Edge lacks.


While this solution works for you, it won't be acceptable to many others. Personally, I just in the scrollwheel on my mouse, it's a dual-axis wheel, allowing me to easily using vertical or horizontal scrolling without having to bother with the scrollbars.

I'm of the opinion that if Instructure wants to provide the "skinny" scrollbars, it should be as an optional setting that can be disabled/enabled by the individual institutions or, preferably, by the individual users. I understand it's "cool", follows the modern theme of minimization, and fluently integrates into mobile browsing, but it is horrible for desktop accessibility.


Unless I'm hallucinating, the regular-sized scroll bars are now back with the August 5, 2017, release.