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Sort Gradebook by First Name--Where'd You Disappear To?

Sort Gradebook by First Name--Where'd You Disappear To?

One of our faculty swears--not literally but she was upset--that she could Sort in the Gradebook by First Name.

Her response: "YES, I have been able to do it for all of my classes since I started in 2016. Now suddenly it does not work. I don't understand what the issue is.


1. Did Sort by First Name ever work?

2. If it did, when did it change?

3. Is this feature requested enough by your instructors to warrant a feature request OR is sorting on the "Secondary ID" sufficient? 

Notice below that clicking on "Secondary ID" works for Anne, Ana, Ashley, Chloe, Cindy, Emma, but Mo___ should go after "Michelle" (who isn't on the screen capture).


Any thoughts on a workaround or Feature Request?

Thanks in advance! Smiley Happy,

Keenan Adcock

SLCC Canvas Admin

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BTW sorting by Last Name and Secondary ID are good, but, really are there any teachers that call their students by their Last Name? Isn't Sort by First Name (most instructors address their students by their First Name) a helpful field to include? Your thoughts folks? Smiley Happy

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I created an assignment called "Alpha by First," selected do not count towards final grade, and gave them a 'grade' equal to my version of their roster number. If you have any skills at all with import/export it took 2 minutes. If not you could still manually do it, but might take 10 minutes. Then sort by grade for that assignment.


I, too, need to be able to sort students by first name.  I use various programs that only sort students by first name (example:  When manually entering a grade, I have to compare sorted by first name in their progress to sorted by last name in Canvas.  It takes way too much time.... especially with 600+ students.