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Space bar issue

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Quite recently I have been having an issue of using the space bar.  Sometimes it simply does not work in Canvas.

Then, I will backspace and delete what I wrote and it starts working again...but could just as easily stop.

This is not a problem with my keyboard (as you can see) and rebooting did not solve the problem.  

It is a frustrating bug because the issue is intermittent.  

I am using Chrome, so the issue may deal with the interaction between the browser and Canvas. 



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Community Team
Community Team

 @venitk ,  @Robbie_Grant , and anyone else participating in this thread who has experienced this: Our agents are going through the tickets now and attaching them to the documentation our engineers have on the issue. If you believe your ticket was closed in error, please reply to the email thread for your case to have it reopened.

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Stefanie Sanders to the rescue! Thanks so much. 

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Here's my case number for the ticket I started at Clark College: Case #04558509

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 @jsward ‌, please reply directly to the ticket to request an update.

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I was just informing you of the ticket I had going. Smiley Happy I've already spoken with the support person and we're good to go. 

I have been experiencing this for a while now and it just gets more irritating every time it happens...

BUT! For my sins, I used to be a web developer, so when I Google the issue, I Googled "TnyMice spacebar", because that's the name of the text editor I used to use. Not sure if that's what Canvas uses, but I figured it would spit out similar text editors in the same search.

Turns out it is very likely the embedded editor that is not working, not something Canvas - specifically - /did/ on the backend.

And it seems to be just in Chrome.

A workaround I read about was that when it starts to happen, type a period, then arrow back to before the period to type. I know that's a pain, but if it works, it would be easier than typing your text and going back to add spaces, which is what I've been doing. Crazy-making!

How exactly was this issue solved? Over a year later, I'm having the exact same issue with the space bar in Canvas. I keep clicking "see solution", but that appears to be an answer suggesting emails to the engineer. 

I am having the same issue in Canvas of not being able to include a space. I have restarted the computer, and clearly it isn't an issue with my keyboard. I switched over to Safari and there is no space issue. Usually Canvas works better in Chrome, but not at this moment. 

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I'm having the same issue now.


just in case anyone wants to compare notes, it just happened to me again just now. It was in a nested list, but it was not from text that I had copied and pasted into the page. The page had come from a D2L migrated course. 

clicking to HTML editor and clicking back to rich text didn't solve the problem, but removing the nested list did. 

 @356196 ‌, if you haven't already, please submit the error to support and let them know the specifics. It seems the engineers are working on the problem now. You might even copy and paste the code into the ticket.