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Space bar issue

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Quite recently I have been having an issue of using the space bar.  Sometimes it simply does not work in Canvas.

Then, I will backspace and delete what I wrote and it starts working again...but could just as easily stop.

This is not a problem with my keyboard (as you can see) and rebooting did not solve the problem.  

It is a frustrating bug because the issue is intermittent.  

I am using Chrome, so the issue may deal with the interaction between the browser and Canvas. 



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I've had problems with the space bar as well. I bought some contact cleaner and it cleared up the problem everywhere except for Canvas and Chrome (I didn't check Firefox).

I've noticed that the problem was if I had a nested list. If I was at the end of a line on a level 1 item, I could not use the space bar.

My work-around was to put a decimal point in, then back up 1 character and type.

Yeah the problem has nothing at all to do with the keyboard and everything to do with Canvas.

This is really a crippling problem.  It happens on half of the posts on which I give feedback.  It is difficult to paragraph because, when one does, the problem tends to reappear.

The issue happens regardless of the computer and even if extensions are disabled.

CANVAS PEOPLE: Please roll back to the version before this error occurred.  It is a major issue.

Most people use chrome.  It is unreasonable to expect people to switch browsers.


Just getting this out of the way... are you by chance using a new Macbook?

MacBook Pro / Air Butterfly Keyboard Issues (Repeating, Stuck, Unresponsive) - MacRumors 


Using a PC and it doesn't matter which one I am on.

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This is also currently an issue for me. SO glad I'm not the only one. I went on Safari and it was not an issue there, so it must be specific to Chrome. 

For everyone who is experiencing this, I would encourage you to follow the advice that stefaniesanders gave earlier in this thread.

[I]f you haven't yet, please initiate a support ticket in accordance with the procedures set forth at your school so Canvas Support can look at the behavior you've described (How do I get help with Canvas as an instructor?). Thanks.

The space bar not working is clearly not the intended behavior and Canvas Support needs to be made aware of this through the proper channels (not as a comment in a question in the Community). It helps our sanity to know that other people are experiencing this issue, but it's not something that we're going to be able to solve on our own.

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I'm not an instructor though... I just found this from Google. Is this page only for instructors?


Anyone who is experiencing the problem is free to contact Canvas Support. The instructions on that page are valid for anyone, it just came from the Instructor's Guide so it talks about how instructors can get help. There is a similar page from the student guide for students How do I get help with Canvas as a student? , but the information is nearly identical.

I have tried to get Canvas support.

They keep asking me to do things I already carefully explained I did.  

They also want me to video-record the issue.  I do not have the software to do this, and it is silly.  All they will see is the cursor NOT moving forward when the space bar is it.  They will not see me hitting the button.  So it would just be, "This is the spacebar not working."

Icanalreadyshowthemwhatthiswouldlooklike.  <--


In that case, my message wouldn't apply to you.

As for the video, they might be able to see specific cases where it's not working -- such as the end of a line in a nested list for me. I have a strong thought about what the problem is. I have noticed fewer non-breaking spaces being added to my material, which suggests they did something to TinyMCE. I had written my own code to strip out all the non-breaking spaces, so I was glad when they removed it, but the problems with the space not working started around the same time.

Even if you're unable to provide them with the requested information, perhaps someone else will be able to. Either way, the more people that have the problem and let them know about it, the less likely they are to rule it out as an isolated incident and something specific about your computer.