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Space bar issue

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Quite recently I have been having an issue of using the space bar.  Sometimes it simply does not work in Canvas.

Then, I will backspace and delete what I wrote and it starts working again...but could just as easily stop.

This is not a problem with my keyboard (as you can see) and rebooting did not solve the problem.  

It is a frustrating bug because the issue is intermittent.  

I am using Chrome, so the issue may deal with the interaction between the browser and Canvas. 



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Hi just wanted to check has this been a fix for this? Currently we are conducting online exams with Canvas and the rich text editor space bar issue is still there and happening randomly.

We are using Respondus Lockdown browser.

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Has there been any update on this? I noticed for me, it happens when typing anything after around the third line of text.


Same issue. Using a PC and Chrome. I've submitted a ticket, but given this thread I'm not hopeful. 

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In case anyone on the Canvas support team is still following this thread, this is happening to me too. PC, Windows 10, Chrome, happens totally at random, spacebar works absolutely everywhere else. I've discovered a workaround—I don't know if this is the case for others, but when this happens, I've discovered that I can INSERT spaces after I've already typed the sentence without a problem. i.e., Itypeitlikethis and then I use the arrows and/or the cursor to go back and add the spaces in.

This is still really annoying, though, and I wish the support team would be a little better about trying to address it.

Update: I've discovered this only happens to me when I start new lines with SHIFT + ENTER rather than just ENTER. Is this true for anyone else? I do know some people have a tendency to always hit shift instead of starting new line breaks every time, so I wonder if that could be part of the problem.


This just happened to me and I reported it to Canvas support. They said it wasn't a Canvas issue, that the clipboard, when copying from webpages (not the code), will sometimes drop or add tags. So for a bulleted list, it may drop the closing tag. Just go into the code and add the tag.

I'm not convinced for a few reasons (but I'm far from being a code expert!!):

  • When I close and reopen the page the issue persists
  • When I close and reopen the browser tab, the issue is fixed.
  • This doesn't happen when I copy and paste text into anything other than Canvas. 

Regardless, it seems the solution is to open the HTML text editor and check for missing <li> tags (although I don't know if that would have helped me in this case because the line I was working on shouldn't have had </li> because it wasn't the end of a list item..there was another nested li underneath it. Next time I am going to carefully look at the code to see what's happening). 

It isn't a clipboard issue because it happens even if I do not cut and paste anything.

I can't believe that they haven't fixed this yet.

Checking the HTML isn't really a solution as that is more time consuming than hitting return a bunch of time and moving up and down lines until it works.

This is a crippling problem and they are not taking it seriously.


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I've had a similar issue, most recently yesterday. I push the space bar when I'm typing an announcement and no spaces appear. My only fix is to use the cursor to click where I want the space, click the space bar, and then a space appears. So literally, I click, spacebar, click, spacebar.....all the way through my sentences that didn't have any spaces. I was using Chrome on a PC, but I'm sure it's happened on my Mac with Chrome. I can't predict the issue, either. Eventually, the problem ends. 

Jennifer, did you report it to support? My concern is that they marked my status to solved, when I wasn't convinced it was a bug. So from the engineers' perspective, the problem wasn't reported. I don't know how else to get word to the engineers that there's a problem other than going through Tier 1 support. If you report it, and it wasn't a copy and paste issue, they might take it more seriously. 

Fredrick, same question I asked Jennifer (below): did you report it to support? Especially as it wasn't a copy and paste issue.