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Special Education. How do you set up special education services for individual students?

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Community Coach

Hi caschmit


Could you be more specific, like what kind of "special education services"?

Canvas has many features that can support the education needs of all students, and there are a great many folks in this community with experience in special education, so if you can tell us more specifically what you are trying to do, we can help you.



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I'm looking for ways to organize a "resource room" into canvas.  I pull kids multiple times a day for various academics or social skills.  How do I, along with other specialists, have a simple method for parents to log on to their student's individual calendar, while at the same time protecting their privacy?  If I pull kids into small groups, I don't want other families knowing who else is getting special services.  Any insights would be appreciated!

Hi again @EJmarteeny 

By "Resource Room", I suspect you mean an extra Canvas classroom with resources for both the students and the parents, and you wan to protect the names of the other students. If my assumption is correct, then there are several things you can do...........

  • Hide the People tab in the course navigation menu How do I manage Course Navigation links? 
  • Do not use the Discussion feature, because all users will see the names of everybody who posted.
  • Disable comments in discussions, because the commentator will be identified.

These will not guarantee absolute anonymity, but perhaps others will have more suggestions.


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