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Specific discussion group for VLE managers/administrators


I would like to ask if there is any specific discussion group for VLE managers/administrators in Canvas.

As a VLE manager in Moodle, I have being involved in the configuration of the institutional VLE from scratch and I need to have good insight of how this can be done in Canvas in terms of:

  • Setting up the taxonomy/hierarchy of the VLE site at a institutional level.
  • Defining roles and permissions for each hierarchical level.
  • Bulk operations and customisation at each level.

Is there any specific discussion group that liaise  with these aspects?

Many thanks for the information

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I found this so I replied to myself in case this is useful for other users: 

Community Team
Community Team

Hi,‌, we're delighted to know that you've found some resources that will assist you in your VLE administration endeavors. You might also want to join the Canvas Admins‌ group to work on solutions with your peers. To join the group, click on the link to the group and select Join Group from the Actions dropdown that displays at the upper right of the group home page. We're happy to have you here!

Many thanks for the tip, Stefanie. I am joing the group and learning about accounts and sub-accounts. It is not very different that other VLE systems such as Moodle.