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Speed Grader is loosing digital ink

I am attempting to grade assignments in speedgrader.  The workflow I want to use is as follows:

1. With the student's submission made, click on the digital ink icon (which looks like an ink pen).

2. Using the stylus on my tablet PC, mark up the submission with digital inkm including comments, arrows to show where mistakes are at, circles, etc.  All items are marked up using digital ink, as one would mark up a traditional paper submission.

3. Click on the assessment box and enter a score.

4. Click submit.


However, if I follow this workflow, when I click submit, the digital ink all disappears.  To make work, I have to add an additional overhead step, 2b, after I am done with marking up the document with digital ink, of clicking on the T icon for text, at which point the digital ink will be stored and then I can enter my grade.

This is a rather significant bug, as I have accidently forgotten to click several times (it's not natural to have to stop with digital inking), but if you do not turn of digital ink by clicking on an icon other than the pen, everything is lost.



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Navigator II

When you are done writing with your digital ink, try looking for a pair of icons near the top corner of your drawing.  One is a check mark and the other is a trash can.  Clicking the checkmark makes the ink "stick" regardless of the other steps you may take.  If you want to use more than one color of ink, you should click the checkmark inbetween ink colors as well.

It you are entering your grade with a rubric there is a save button to push for the grade, but if you are typing the grade in manually without a rubric, you do not need to click submit.  It will save the grade as soon as you type it.  The submit button is for any typed comments you leave in the textbox